C++ Program to Multiply two numbers without using (*) Multiplication Operator

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Write a  C++ Program to multiply two numbers without using (*) multiplication operator. In this program, We are going to write a code which takes two input numbers and multiply them without using multiplication operator.

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C++ Program to multiply two numbers without using (*) multiplication operator

#include <iostream>

using namespace std;

int main() {

   int fnum, snum, mult=0,i;

   /* Input two numbers from a user. */
   cout << "Enter two numbers";
   cin >> fnum >> snum;
   /* Add the number using loop. */

   for(i=0; i < fnum; i++){
      mult = mult + snum;
    cout << "Multiplication of two numbers is "<<mult;
 return 0;


 Enter two numbers : 4

Multiplication of two numbers is 12
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